Pastry Dough Set

      • Experiment your kid's true passion by letting them explore the culinary world the Pastry Dough Set from Plan Toys unveils. This set includes 6 different pastry molds, dough cutter, rolling pin, a small tray that also has 3 additional molds and a baking spatula. Organic dough sold separately.

        Recommended Age: 3 Years & Up

      • Cognitive:
        Imagination & Creativity
        Sensory: Sight, Touch and Eye-Hand Coordination
        Fine Motor Skills: Squishing, Molding, Grasping, Manipulating
        Social & Emotional:
        Sharing & Cooperating
        Role Play
      • Material:

      Pastry Dough, for the future chef

      The Pastry Dough will promote your child skill development on these three areas:

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