Day and Night First Words

  • The accordion pages design of the book Day and Night First Words by Petit Collage will entertain your baby in tummy time. Show and describe the pictures to your little one. It is the perfect opportunity for some stimulation! As for toddlers, the book can be used to start recognizing objects, animals, actions and even letters. At some point, your kid will tell time; this book helps identify and differentiate the day activities on one side and the night activities on the opposite side.

    Recommended Age: 0 Months & Up

  • Cognitive:
    Pattern Recognition
    Object Recognition
    Sensory: Sight, Hearing
    Fine Motor Skills: Finger grasp to unfold pages (older children)
    Listening & Communicating
    Social & Emotional:
    Self Expression & Confidence: Bonding
  • Material:

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