Animals & Babies Memory Game

Petit Collage


  • Problem solving skills are needed throughout school, work and everyday life. The exciting Animal & Babies Memory Game by Petit Collage will help your preschooler improve problem-solving skills through memorization and elimination process. Play by laying the cards facedown and take turns flipping over two at a time. Do you have a match? Set them aside! If not, turn them facedown again, but try to remember where they are. Let the child play on his own, with you or invite some friends over! Do not finish playing until finding the 12 matching animals, never give up and always have fun!

    Recommended Age: 3 Years & Up

  • Cognitive:
    Problem Solving
    Sensory: Sight
    Fine Motor Skills: Finger Grasp
    Social & Emotional:
    Self Expression & Confidence: Bonding
    Sharing & Cooperating: Taking turns
  • Material:

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