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Social & Emotional 9-12 Months

Social & Emotional: The baby may still experience some separation anxiety. However, they are now able to better understand the fact that parents need to leave (either for a moment, an hour or the day) and will come back. The meaning of family, empathy for other and care for animals, favorite toys and caregivers is stronger. They will be too young to establish structured pretend play. Together with your baby, you can play with a doll, teddy bear or a stuffed animal to provide them with the sense of caring for someone else. Enjoy the first memorable signs of affection: trying to blow kisses, give hugs, pet the dog, feed the cat. With parent’s help, they will begin to understand the meaning of “no”. At this stage of development, the baby will usually imitate actions of people around them. Please be aware and conscious of how you speak, what you say and how you act because your child will grow up doing [most likely] the same. Besides, baby begins to realize that the reflection in the mirror may be their own.