Social & Emotional 6-9 Months

Social & Emotional: The baby begins to experience separation anxiety. It is essential for parents to reassure the baby by demonstrating that if you leave, you will come back and most importantly- they will be safe. The baby begins to understand that mom and them are two different people; they are part of a bigger society. Your little one starts to realize how to self sooth by either putting the pacifier on, hugging the blanket, rocking themselves. Showing the baby images of people, animals and families will build a sense of caring for others and will show them what a family looks like. Since the baby does not recognize themselves just yet, it is fun to use a mirror and perform activities in front of it. They will get the idea that it is a baby and pay careful attention to what happens. As the baby is teething, it is a good time to show how to care for themselves. Parents can brush their hair or brush their teeth in front of the mirror and explain the importance of loving their own body.