Social & Emotional 3-5 Years

Social & Emotional: Your preschooler will consider themselves a big boy or a big girl. They will want to do everything by themselves. The child will gradually improve in taking turns, sharing, team playing and cooperating. Schedule a family game night and create lifetime memories. This will help your kid understand the meaning behind rules and share some quality time with you. Although they have made tremendous progress in controlling their feelings and being aware of their emotions (eg. solving a problem without crying), your preschooler will still experience mood swings. We encourage you to read them stories and books that involve the expression of feelings and emotions. It provides you with the opportunity of correcting a behaviour in a very subtle way. The child’s creativity and imagination will spark more than ever. Provide them with a learning environment where they can enjoy endless time of pretend playing, dress up, play make believe (alone or with others). The more props, the better. Take advantage of the precious, innocent early childhood years as your child can still get confused between fantasy and reality- do not bust the bubble. It will not last much longer. As your preschooler is more aware of their surroundings, they will show affection for younger children, pets, the environment and interest for the human body. They acknowledge and establish conversations with adults besides parents, family or caregivers.