Social & Emotional 1-2 Years

Social & Emotional: The toddler begins to identify themselves in mirrors and pictures. They may also point to familiar faces, animals and toys in images. The child has a better understanding of their surroundings, environments and emotions- and how they fit within. They can also recognize emotions in people’s expressions: happy, mad, surprised. As the child discovers empathy, they may feel sad or upset when seeing another child cry. When the toddler spends time with other children, they will be sitting next to each other but they will not be quite ready to play along. This is referred as Parallel Playing. The child will spend long time of his second year pretend playing, eg: dog, cook, doctor, farmer, dad. The more learning tools the parents provide, the better his imaginary world and social development will be. The toddler will be able to analyze the importance of caring for the environment, animals and other human beings. Your child may also learn to say “mine” [something close to it] when someone else has an item/toy of his or if he was using it. ** This is also part of cognitive (problem solving)