Physical 3-6 Months

Physical: As the baby’s muscle control improves, they are more mobile with their arms, legs, neck and torso. Besides, the baby’s hand movements will become more precise.

Fine Motor Skills: The baby starts gaining reach control. They will start developing the 2 handed and then 1 handed palmar grasp. Through these, the baby learns how to play independently, starts grabbing their soother, blanket or simply smaller objects. The grasps will prove the improvement in the eye-hand coordination since the movements appear more voluntary.

Gross Motor Skills: Once the baby has good head and neck control, it is time for them to start gaining muscle strength on their back, legs and arms. Tummy time will help with the reinforcement of these muscles, lifting the chest and even rolling from tummy time to back and vice versa. There are mats and pillows that incentive the baby to be on their tummy for longer periods of time. Parents may also place objects in front of their little ones to prolong tummy time and encourage reaching for objects. Some babies will also start sitting with support.

* Please take in consideration that not all babies are ready to sit. If they end up bending forward, that is their body letting you know they do not have enough back strength. The more time babies spend on their tummy; the easier crawling, kneeling and changing positions will be.