Physical 3-5 Years

Physical: As the child’s cognitive (including sensorial) and social & emotional development increases, their physical development is more noticeable. They will enjoy moving around and being part of a sports team. Your little one will still fall quite often, encourage them to get up and keep going. The preschooler will also use their imagination and motor skills to express their love, feelings and likes through any art form (paintings, drawing, dancing, writing letters). By age 5, the child will show a dominant hand.



Fine Motor Skills: The preschoolers will demonstrate their enhanced fine motor skills to the point where they will begin staking more than 10 blocks, writing, coloring, sculpting and using their hand muscles and wrist to perform delicate tasks. Offer them play dough, clay, sand and art tools to keep working their small muscles and use their creative side. The kid’s improved pencil grasp leads them to hold and use a crayon/pencil properly. At some point between 3-5 years, they begin to write their name. Encourage them to write it even if they are not using the correct letters. You may offer them tracing and copying activities to help with the letter and shape recognition in a fun way. Your preschooler will enjoy feeling like a grown-up when using scissors, doing or undoing buttons, threading, “knitting”, spreading butter on a toast and playing to split fruits in two pieces.



Gross Motor Skills: The preschooler continues to enhance and master the movement of large muscles. They will climb with one foot at a time, briefly stand in one foot (usually their preferred one) and even hop on it. You will witness your child interchanging feet when going up or down the stairs, endlessly running around, walking backwards and catching/kicking a large ball. Take your little one for a ride as they learn how to pedal a tricycle. As they get older, challenge their balance and coordination by having them walk on a balance beam, jump rope, jump back and use the slide on their own.