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The child’s capacity to move. They are able to connect their mind and body, controlling their movements. Throughout the years, your little one analyzes and sees how their body and movements fit within their surroundings. The development of motor skills leads to the child’s perception of orientation, coordination, balance and structure of their body.

Fine Motor Skills: The controlled movement of small muscles: the child’s hand and wrist (their feet and toes). This helps them develop and master the pencil grip, grabbing, holding, grasping, cutting, eating, etc. The ability of eye-hand coordination is part of the physical development of your child. We have expanded on the concept in the Cognitive development section- under Sensory.

Gross Motor Skills: The utilization of large muscles to hold their head up, sit, crawl, walk, run, jump, climb, hop and even swim.

***Proprioception: The child’s perception of their body in spatial orientation. The synchronization of moving different parts of the body with the proper timing and strength. This is developed from the time the child starts sitting and having independent moves. Throughout the first 24 month of age, their body will learn muscle motions and how they respond to activities [such as falling, jumping, going up the stairs].