Physical 0-3 Months

Physical: Baby’s moves are small, imprecise and mostly involuntary. With time, they begin to gain muscle control. Encourage them to follow objects and sounds, this will incentive them to start moving their head, neck, arms and body in general.

Fine Motor Skills: Baby is able to flex fingers (mostly as a reflex) but eventually will discover their hand. Looking at them and putting them in their mouth will be thrilling. Offer clutching toys to enhance the grasping and strengthen the hand muscles.

Gross Motor Skills: As the baby gains more control and muscle tone in the neck and back, they will start to rotate their head from side to side. The baby’s arms and legs will also begin to move, although most of these movements at this stage are baby reflexes. Parents should use color contrast and sound making toys to capture their attention and move these from side to side. It will encourage head movement and help with concentration.