Language 3-6 Months

Language: Toys that use onomatopoeias (the sound of dogs: “woof” or the sound of water splashing: “splash” or the horn: “beep”), express emotions (eg. sad, happy, confused), use different rhythms and have repetition on their lyrics will encourage the baby to make sounds and try to imitate what they are hearing. These will contribute to the increase of oral muscle tone, the babbling of the baby and eventually words. At five months old, baby will have an improved color vision. Parents may introduce them to big images with colors or choose to read baby books with few pictures/words. The key to the language development is to talk to your kid and continuously read to them. Remember to always indicate what is in the picture. Again, the baby will make the connection between what they see and what they hear. Your little one will begin familiarizing with the sounds and rhythms of commonly used words.