Language 3-5 Years

Language: Your little one is not so little anymore. Once they can comfortably express themselves, they will talk, talk and talk. The preschooler will sing along to their favorite songs and rhymes; they will memorize and recite stories and books. Their vocabulary expands dramatically, kids will begin using past and future tense, adjectives (eg. blue shirt) and understand opposites. Your 3-4 year old may speak between 300-1000 words; and by age 5, your preschooler may speak up to 1500 words. The child learns how to say their name, recognize their gender and know their age. They will ask complex questions using the “who, how, where, when and what”, accurate respond to questions and use their reasoning to why. Continue to encourage reading time, it will help with their intellectual. Besides, they can surprise you by recognizing or reading short, frequently seen words. Enjoy the conversations with your little one, spend time talking to them, bond with them. Support your preschooler through their language development and continue to correct their spelling and pronunciation without telling them they are doing it wrong. Eg. Let them write it/say it their way and you can say: yes, and use/write the word correctly. This will help them get better without affecting their self esteem.