Language 2-3 Years

Language: The toddler’s number of words and small sentences expands dramatically. Parents may start hearing plurals, past tense verbs, and well composed sentences. At this age, the child and caregivers will understand each other much easier. Most importantly, a two way communication between the toddler and others will be well established. They are aware of how each person has a turn speaking and this will lead them to start asking questions [maybe a lot]. While pretend playing, your little one may start using different types of voices and pitches for the different characters. Parents should speak in a positive manner even when trying to correct a behaviour. This will avoid a negative impact that the child might connect to the activity. Eg: Instead of crying, let's speak in words so I can understand what is it that you want. You can start reading them books with short sentences and lots of pictures. Ask the child questions about the story to encourage language development and help with future reading comprehension. When the toddler mispronounces a word or builds an unstructured sentence, repeat the whole sentence in the correct way. Next couple of times, they will try to master it. Carefully describe objects, people and situations with simple sentences but at the same time encouraging the child to expand their vocabulary. The toddler will start counting.