Cognitive 9-12 Months

Cognitive: The baby’s memory increases. They are aware of strangers, activities outside of their routines, favorite toys and games. It is amazing how the skill development has an effect on kids. Between 8-18 months, your baby will discover hidden objects. This will be entertainment for extended periods of time and at the same time, they will begin learning about object permanence. This is referred as realizing that even though you cannot see an object, it still exists Later on, this will help your little one overcome separation anxiety. They will understand that when you leave them at daycare, you are not gone forever- you will be coming back!



Sensory: Baby is able to search for hidden toys. Their enhanced sight and touch help categorize or identify matching shapes and colors [or at least try]. Surprisingly, they also understand the fact that a small object fits into a bigger one. The child will begin to have memory of their favorite foods by seeing the color/shape, feeling the texture, smelling and tasting the food. Let the baby explore the food with utensils and fingers. This will help their sensory development and create a very enjoyable experience. Images in flashcards and books may also help with recognition and memorization.

Creativity: Your child will try to solve situations through a trial and error method, keeping in mind what they have done in the past. Pretend playing is a fun way for parents and kids to bond and have fun. Using their creative side, your little one may pretend to have a tea party, play music instruments, imitate animals (dog/cat), cook a meal, talk on the phone, etc.