Cognitive 6-9 Months

Cognitive: Baby begins to understand that objects can be manipulated. Their attention span is a bit longer. They show the first signs of cause and effect by exploring toys to find how these work. The child will be throwing objects and looking for them, finding hidden objects/toys and squeezing or pushing toys that make sound.

Sensory: By looking for hidden objects, the baby will have a higher level of concentration and focus their sight on one specific toy (even if it’s at least for less than a minute). Parents should encourage them to make eye contact for at least a moment to keep strengthening concentration and let the baby know you are speaking to them. Baby will be excited to discover parts of their body, experience teething and eating solids. With the first bites of solid food, the baby begins to understand odours and taste, their likes and dislikes and the different textures.



Creativity: Your child understands the need to use crying, gestures or noises to get the attention of others. This is the first step towards solving problems. Their creative thinking starts kicking in. For instance, baby will find out that pulling a string makes the toy make sound; or if a spoon does not fit in their mouth, they will try turning it around. Pointing and extending their arms will help express what they want (to grab a toy or be held). ** This is also part of the language development.