Cognitive 2-3 Years

Cognitive: The toddler’s independence is the most noticeable change at this stage of development. The child is mentally and physically able to explore the surroundings at their own manner and pace. Daily activities and experiences will provide the environment needed for them to keep exploring the world. The child’s ability to solve problems and self correct increases. To encourage this, parents should offer toys that give your toddler multiple attempts to correctly complete a task (the action that the toy is supposed to do).

Sensory: Your child will show signs of being ready to be potty trained. They will also be independently eating, playing on their own (for longer periods of time), reading, coloring, organizing objects according to their dimensions (smallest to largest, thickest to thinnest), and even categorizing objects into groups: flowers, cars, animals, balls. Your toddler will also identify the purpose of objects, eg: hair brush is for the head, scissors are for cutting paper.

Creativity: As the child’s ability to perform difficult tasks improves, they can imitate complex actions like washing the dishes and helping with baking. The toddler’s creativity strengthens and their pretend playing time will be more structured. Eg: when playing house, they may identify with a role, may go to work, their pretend children may have names. The child’s imagination starts to run wild and their extended language development and creativity may lead them to making up stories, changing lyrics to a song and even making up new ones.