How Music Helps Child Development

November 16, 2017 0 Comments

How Music Helps Child Development

You can’t deny the power of music. If you’re in a funk and your favorite song comes on the radio, your mood is boosted; even it’s just for three or four minutes. When your kids hear music they instinctively start to move their bodies. Music, movement, and good vibes all seem to go hand in hand.

Besides the feel good elements, music also helps a child grow in many ways. Research has found that music can help in the areas of language development and can even help boost a child’s IQ. That’s music to any parent’s ears! Studies have found that babies who make music, even with shakers and drums use more communicative gestures around the one-year mark compared with babies who just listen to music. There’s also proof that kids who can tap to a beat have greater reading skills later in life. Researchers at McMaster University also found that one-year-old babies who take interactive music classes with their parents smile more and communicate better.

If you can’t take actual music lessons, then bring the music home with some fun toys to get your baby moving and shaking. At Petite Hippo, we pride ourselves on providing safe, educational, and fun toys for babies to get their first musical experiences. Our website will help you find the right toy for any group and will help you determine what development area it’s best for. There’s no such thing as a baby being too small for music.

While your baby isn’t going to grab a violin and start playing seamlessly, what he or she can do is use musical toys to begin getting the feel for an instrument as well as the sounds associated with them. If you introduce them at a young age they may also develop an interest as they get older.

Even at four months old, babies can hear the rattling sound of wooden keys. This simple toy lets baby hear clinking objects and helps them realize sound at a young age. They also learn cause and effect. If they shake the keys, a sound is made.

Something as simple as a bell toy can help with fine motor skills as well as the simple task of grasping and holding onto an object. This type of toy is great for ages one-and-a-half and up.

While children may not know what a pitch is, they can recognize different sounds. When they’re playing with the concertina they’ll soon realize how moving the toy different ways can produce unique sounds.

You don’t have to get your baby a full-blown drum set to let him explore patterns of rhythm. The double drum allows your child to play to the beat of his own drum…literally. Let him tap and bang and see what patterns he creates as he explores a new world of rhythm. The best part about this toy is that it won’t give mom or dad a head ache as the drum pads are on the softer side!

Besides all of the educational benefits of music, you can’t deny that music is fun! If for no other reason, introduce your child to music early for that reason alone. When it comes to music and kids, let them explore and have fun, when you do, the possibilities are endless!