2017 Holiday Gift Guide - Kids 0-5 yrs

December 01, 2017 0 Comments

2017 Holiday Gift Guide - Kids 0-5 yrs

The holiday season is here and that means you’re probably shopping for some little ones on your list. I personally prefer to stay away from the overcrowded malls and long lines, specially with a toddler.

So, I invite your to pour a cup of coffee, tea or wine and peak through the list I've put a list together of our best sellers and my favourite toys. These holiday gifts that won’t disappoint!

These are toys that will not only keep kids entertained, but also teach them something in the process:

Day and Night First Words

The Day and Night First Words book is the gift that keeps on giving in the sense that it can be used for babies and toddlers. Babies can look at the pictures either with you or during tummy time. The accordion design of the book allows it to stretch out while baby explores. When baby reaches the toddler stages, he can use the book to recognize letters, words and colors. He can also tell the difference between daytime and nighttime activities with the separated pages.


Rubbablox Basix Flat Blocks

If you thought all baby blocks were created equal then you haven’t seen the Rubbalox Basix Flat Blocks. These blocks are soft and easy for baby to grab and use. They’re made from natural biodegradable foam rubber so parents don’t have to worry about the potential dangers that come with harsh plastic blocks. Besides just being fun to play with, these blocks also make great teethers! Build motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well.

Hammer Balls

Sometimes the simpler toys are the ones that score a real homerun with kids. That’s the case with these hammer balls. Toddlers will be entertained at the fact they can pound the balls through the holes over and over again. This is another toy that’s great for building hand-eye coordination as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Breakfast Menu

What’s for breakfast? Ask your little chef with this breakfast menu playset. Kids love to play pretend and what better way than with serving breakfast! Let them use their imagination to build you a breakfast plate complete with eggs, toast and bacon. The set includes 9 “food” pieces as well as tableware and salt and pepper.

Sort & Count Cups

Sorting and counting are important skills that little ones need to learn. These sort and count cups will get them well on their way! Baby will learn how to sort shapes into five different colors as well as how to work with those shapes. Clean-up is a breeze with the handy pouch that comes along for easy storage.

Doctor’s Suitcase

“Paging Dr. Little One, paging Dr. Little One.” The doctor’s suitcase comes with everything the doctor ordered from a stethoscope to a thermometer so your child can perform a complete check-up. Your child will always be “on call” and loving every minute of it. Let her imagination soar with this great role-playing toy.

Sensory Tumbling

Awaken your baby’s senses with sensory tumbling balls. All three balls will stimulate his little ears, while the fluffy softness will help him realize different textures. The mirror will not only let him see himself, but also teach the idea of how objects reflect. Hours of fun await as baby explores with this toy.

I Wood Fish

Think of the I Wood Fish toy as a multi-purpose gift. It not only teaches colors, but also shape recognition. Let your child figure out which pieces fit in the fish while matching up the colors. This is a great tool for working on hand-eye coordination. The various pieces are big enough for little hands to get a firm grip while playing.

Holiday shopping is just one click away with this gift guide for all the little ones on your list. Happy shopping!